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Welcome to Psychic Shirley's Mystical Experience 

Find your Serenity

About the Mystical Path

Welcome seeker of the light.  Lets see how I can help you! 

I am trained in the mystical arts of Tarot reading, crystal ball reading, spiritual life coaching, and many other aspects of the mystical path.  I am a Rosicrucian and do not subscribe to any particular religion, or faith nor do I wish to recruit you, (unless of course, you are interested) however, the mystical path is different from that of a spiritualist or that of the medium, or general psychic.  I live the life of a mystic, an alchemist, and a healer. At the age of 6, I came across quite accidentally, some mystical writings, and being able to read early, was my first step on this way of enlightenment.  Since then I have developed my psychic powers, and intuition, and uncovered ancient knowledge that has opened my eyes..  I have seen beings of light, beings you might describe as extraterrestrial, I can communicate with them, and they have shown so much to me. I can take your mind to a new dimension where you can connect with your loved ones who are in spirit. The mystic does not call spirits to this world and disturb their rest, instead, I will take you to them, I will show you that they still exist. I have images of my crystal ball, that show spiritual energy, the smiling happy faces of what you may call the deceased. My tarot readings are highly accurate and are done mostly live.  If you wish to see these images follow my facebook page on

You have taken the first step now to have a wonderful spiritual experience you won't get anywhere else on the internet or anywhere in the world.  This is unique and special.  Scroll down to view services, and make your choice. When you have chosen your reading, scroll down further to make your booking.  

Take a look at what's on offer

Here is an introduction to what I can offer you on this site.  What you are about to experience is going to be incredible and you will never see anything like it anywhere else.  What are you waiting for? I can promise you a reading you will never forget.  


Six card reading 

For a quick look at your future, ask three questions and get an in-depth reading of six cards, to determine the answers to your questions.  What would you like to know about? This reading is ideal if you don't have a lot of time or don't want to appear on camera.  This reading will be recorded in response to your questions and sent to your email.


Crystal ball and Tarot 15 mins

My crystal ball is unique.  You can actually see a visual representation of spirit within its reflective surface.  This is a completely remarkable experience.  You may see loved ones who are in spirit, or ancestral energies who are watching over you, or your own personal spirit guides. Along with this reading, you also receive a six card tarot reading.  Why not get this 15 minute miracle for just £17? You won't see this anywhere else!